• 5 kg per month without stress and diet

    The book will guide you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.

    Long-term maintenance of a stable weight

    a great motivational tool that will positively motivate and support you in your process.

    Get in great shape quickly

    The book will help you regain your confidence and restore your physical condition..

    About RUN-DANCE?

    RUN-DANCE is a great and catchy exercise for everyone who wants to quickly and significantly reduce their body weight, and also shape their body into a swimsuit for the summer season. If you need to increase your physical condition in a flash, strengthen all muscles and you are therefore looking for a suitable sports activity that you can run all year round, outdoors and at home, then this exercise is exactly the right thing to do. But most of all, it's also an exercise that will be a lot of fun for you.

    This book is intended for everyone who wants to lose weight once and for all, improve their physical condition and health and, above all, live a happy and happy life.

    Book review


    Jan Homola

    "The book is clearly made. Exercise is great. After yesterday's training, I have to admit that I feel everything today. already during the week I put down 2 kilos. Exercise is also fun :-)"


    Michaela Raszková

    "A very good book, nicely done and the trainings are great. In conjunction with the recommended dress-code, it's perfect."


    Michal Makuta

    "Woow, I have to say that the book suits me really well. The exercises are set up for both beginners and advanced ... I don't like strengthening, I'm more on cardio (running, walking), and this is exactly what I was looking for! I like the exercises and the difficulty ... just top! :-)."