Exercise description

Are you ready for the first lesson? Put on headphones or turn on a powerful bluetooth speaker and play fast dynamic dance music. And here we go! The first phase is heating. During it, it moves in the rhythm of the music, we jump, wave our hands and do stretching exercises.

Once we are sufficiently relaxed and the muscles warmed up, the main 45 minute part of the intense workout follows, which is captured in the accelerated video below. During the exercise, we perform a static run in combination with jumps and dance steps in the rhythm of music. We have rubberized dumbbells in our hands and with them we strengthen our arms, shoulders and chest. If you need to burn fat in the abdomen quickly, you will also use a lumbar thermo belt.

After the main 45-minute part of the exercise, there is a final stretching to release muscle tension. Then comes the shower and after it the personal dear áááááááááá incredible surprise. Just 1.5 kg is gone !!! And why ? Because you are amazing and you put maximum effort into exercise.
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Before exercise

and after exercise !!!

RUN-DANCE is a great and catchy exercisefor all